24/7 Family Wellbeing & Support helpline

As part of your XXXX MEMBERSHIP, you now have access to our 24/7 confidential helpline, absolutely free.

For all of us living hectic, stressful ives, when we sometimes feel that we could do with support and guidance when we are struggling to cope or are worried that we are struggling, we offer 24 hour, year round help, guidance and reassurance that will help you deal with your worries and issues, in emotional as well as practical ways.

We’re here for you if you are feeling stressed, struggling with money worries, or dealing with personal issues or bereavement for example.

Our Confidential helpline provides a simple way for you to access information, get qualified professional advice and emotional support 24 hours of every single day.

Worries or stresses keeping you awake at night? Let’s talk.

Our confidential helpline connects you with clinically trained and qualified experts in a wide variety of specialist areas

Challenging times

We all as individuals in today’s fast-moving world are faced with increasing pressures. At work many of us tackle long working hours, demanding performance targets, tight deadlines and job insecurity. At home we have money worries to deal with and family problems to solve, as well as the task of trying to achieve a work-life balance.

A helping hand when you need it

The 24/7 Counselling Line provides an early source of practical and emotional support for you or anyone in your household who may facing issues in their home or work life, before they begin to impact on their life too much.

The 24/7 Counselling Line provides advice on legal, medical, health and wellbeing issues, as well as offering a Counselling service and information on financial matters, including a debt advice service.

A combination of Specialist Advisers & Advice






Money Management

Free Service

As a XXXX MEMBER this service is offered to you absolutely free as part of our commitment to you.

Qualified to help

Available 24/7 to offer support, advice and Counselling on any life or personal issue. No matter how small or big the problem, Our Counsellors are available to you. All Counsellors are professionally qualified and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Our team of directly employed counsellors answer all calls. All counsellors are:

1. Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

2. Have a minimum of three years post qualification counselling experience

3. Are qualified to at least Diploma level in counselling

4. Abide by the BACP code of ethics

About the service


The service is available 24hours a day, 365 days of the year, providing direct and immediate access to telephone counselling.


All contact is confidential, you don’t even have to give us your name. If you are experiencing difficulties at home, at work, or just need some impartial advice, you can contact us free of charge.


As a XXXX Member this service is offered to you absolutely free as part of our commitment to you.


Calls are answered by our directly employed counsellors who will listen, talk through your concerns and help you consider the various types of support open to you.

Any problem

Discuss anything that is troubling you, whether it is personal difficulties – for example relationships, family matters, stress, loss or bereavement; or work-related issues such as feeling pressure, work-load, changes at work, bullying or harassment. Whatever your situation you can be sure of a supportive and constructive response. You are not alone.

The service provider


BHSF Ltd provide the Counselling and wellbeing services. They are a long established and professional Wellbeing services provider since 1873 with over 1 million users across the UK. BHSF are a Not for Profit organisation, who specialise in providing wellbeing services to large businesses and subscriber groups, such as Mail Plus.

BHSF Ltd coordinate all aspects of the Counselling, Legal and Money helplines and are the primary provider and point of contact for all services.


Irwin Mitchell are one of the UK’s leading Law firms. They offer advice on any UK legal enquiry including consumer, neighbour & property disputes, personal injury cases and employment issues. They have a team of specialists available 24 hours a day to help you with any legal issue that might be troubling you and causing you stress.

Money Managment

Auriga are a Not for profit organisation who specialise is helping people with money issues, to prove independent, confidential money advice. They can help if you are in debt. They will help you budget better, Negotiate payment arrangements with creditors and so on. They can even check that you are receiving the correct benefits. You will be personally managed through the process.

What happens when I call?

1. Assessment

Member / family member calls

A telephone Counsellor through discussion with you, identifies the nature of the assistance you require

All non-Counselling calls are transferred to the appropriate specialist, Legal or Finance or both, for example. Counselling calls are transferred to step 2

2. Counselling

A telephone Counsellor carries out an in-depth assessment

The impact of the situation on the individual and the need for Counselling is established

A referral is made within 24 hours to telephone Counselling

3. Support

All counselling cases are monitored to ensure quality and satisfaction

The case manager will continue to assess the member until case resolution


Although provided free to you through your XXXX MEMBERSHIP, Counselling services are completely independent and your call is treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework. We will only ever break confidentiality if we believe this is a risk of harm to a child or dependant adult.

Typical queries can include, but are absolutely not limited to:



Changes at work


Relationship difficulties




Work/life balance








Family conflicts



Your family are also included

As a XXXX MEMBER, you have free access to these 24:7 helpline services. In addition, we provide these same services to your family household too. That means that any adult living with you is able to also directly use this service too, for free.